HANDOVER SORTED - 1 year and 1 day!

Day 20 - Concrete cut & Acid etch done....but!

(Thu 17/11)

Concrete cuts done and acid etch but the concrete cutting guy managed to scratch up the large double garage door! Not impressed and will be asking for them to fix it. Why they don't ask for me to open doors is beyond me.
Also, not happy with etch. There is too much concrete powder residue left over from concrete cut, making some very uneven patterns on drive surface. I have asked concreter to do it again before they seal it. Let's see what happens....

Day 18 - Pantry shelves/supports done & Aggrete exposed

(Tue 15/11)

Dad finished off the pantry supports/shelving. Will hold the appliances now.

I had the crushed rock for the 3x3 garden shed base up the back delivered and I spread it out and leveled it also. 

The back yard after 2 large trees were removed recently

The other concreter also dropped by and marked out the concrete to be cut for the new crossover. Will be formed on Friday and poured next Monday, weather dependent of course!

Day 19 - Agi exposed & EziCleen sealer applied to showers/tiles

(Wed 16/11)

Aggregate exposed. Just have to acid etch and cut concrete then seal.

Also I finished off the termination of the RG6 coax to my enclosure and hooked it up to the Clipsal VDU. We can now watch TV - just have to find the cash to buy a decent one!
Now I just have to punch down the 21x Cat6 to the Patch panel, get the internet on and I will be all wired up!

Day 16 - Concrete poured

(Mon 14/11)

Concreter poured the concrete. Aggregate to be exposed tomorrow.

Day 13 - Driveway formed & Telstra contractor

(Thu 10/11)

Concreter met my wife early this morning, not as early as I was up though!
He has formed up ready to pour on Monday, weather permitting.
Telstra contractor also marked out other services so they can bore under road without boring through the other services buried under road etc. He said job should be done in the next couple of days. I might have a phone line before end of the month!

3.5mt drive width at footpath. Note - crossover will be relocated to suit.

Will have 1600mm high Brick pillars either side of path (eventually)

Note location of rocks is where 2x trees were cut down

Glenn and his sidekick at work

Day 11 - busy, busy , busy

(Tue 08/11)

Trees got cut down at front yesterday to make way for the driveway on Thursday.
Ended up getting 2 trees cut down at front and 1 big and1 small at the rear. Looks denuded at the back though. Not sure I like it! It will grow on me, pardon the pun.

All the big things were moved in yesterday and today. Our big mother of a fridge took 2 hours to setup. Dad I I hired a Budget truck and did it all by ourselves. We had 3 pickup places to get all our furniture and belongings from. One as far as South Gippsland!

Got a quote from EziClean for their product to coat the glass shower screens and tiles in the showers, spa and all basins. Not cheap, but it is an amazing product and I know it works as we have it where we are now.

I am so tired. I will take more photos once the place is tidied up somewhat. Boxes everywhere and furniture not quite placed yet.

Heating commissioning put off until Friday now, due to bad weather. Apparently they may have to go onto roof, so they won't come if it is raining. New one to me.

Day 7 - Still moving in slowly

(Fri 04/11)
Photos are finally here! See below...but read on first for updates.
We have been pretty busy slowly moving in. Most of our boxes are in but I have hired a truck on Monday/Tuesday next week to get the big, heavy stuff sorted with my Dad. The truck has an electric tailgate, so should be easier at least.

I have found a few things which weren't right after handover, and since there was no power at handover, there was no way of checking. The heating system doesn't work at all downstairs. I looked into this and the contractor said it hadn't even been commissioned! That would be the reason. Nice of the builder to tell me that before handover. They are booked in next week to commission it.
The alarm system was faulty, or so I thought. Once again, it hadn't been commissioned! They came out and sorted this for me on Wednesday. The guy was really helpful and showed me everything about it and set up some extra features for me.

I had the gutter guard installed on Wednesday also. A must in this area - trees everywhere.

The kids bedroom electric roller shutters were measured up this week also. They will be about 2 weeks away. Blinds are still 3-4 weeks away! Wife has put up some plastic/foam sheets for now.

The kids love the new house, although the trampoline is yet to be picked up from storage.

We chose the driveway/path colour from Mentone Premix on Sunday. Nice. See photo.

Photos as promised below, all 24 of them! Still missing some rooms, will get onto that quicksmart!

Drive/path colour

Gutter guard

Kitchen/Walk in pantry/storage

Kitchen bench. Sorry about the mess!


Stairwell. Like my LED wall lights?

Outside kids bathroom (cabinetry) and Bed 2 behind

Master WIR

My Wall plate handy work

Master Ensuite Shower/toilet

Master Ensuite

Master Gentlemans Wardrobe

Master Windows looking West

Bed 2 Looking North

Bed 3 Looking North

 Library/Study Looking NE

Family room upstairs

 Family room upstairs - looking South

Family room storage & Wall lights

Kids Bathroom

Kids bathrooom bath spa & spout

Kids Bathroom shower